VELA Tango 200 Chair


Type: Mobility

The VELA Tango is a chair designed for active people for use at home or at the workplace.  The focus for this range of models is on ergonomics, safety, and VELA’s high-reputed quality standards.

The chairs have stronger armrests, which makes entering and exiting the chair even safer.  The fold-away foot ring can be used as a help when entering the chair.  The unique lumbar support helps the back assume the correct position (a gentle S-shaped spine as seen from the side), thereby ensuring the least possible strain on the lumbar vertebrae.

The seats are upholstered with a solid cushion which ensures optimum sitting comfort for the user.  The VELA Tango 200 range is slightly wider and has a higher back than the VELA Tango 100 range.  VELA Tango 200 is designed for people who require extra support and comfort.



  • Product variations support power and non-powered, swiveling and non-swiveling
  • Available in 9 colors with Phoenix finish, or in four artificial leather AMBLA colors
  • Incontinence seat cover supplied in 4 colors and 2 qualities
  • Protective cover in all Phoenix colors
  • Arched steel frame ensures that all the wheels remain in contact with the floor, even on uneven surfaces
  • Height adjustment
  • Seat mechanism is fully mechanical
  • Suitable for users up to 350 lbs. / 160 kg


  • Seats, backrests and covers
  • Armrests
  • Leg rests and footrests
  • Foot ring
  • Headrest and body supports
  • Seatbelts
  • Table tray
  • Brake pedal
  • Strolling bracket

     Customer Comment

    -The chair has been assembled and charged overnight and I am using it today. I am grateful that I can rise from a seated position at my desk without a struggle or fear of falling. I am glad not to sit on two cushions and now sit in a regular looking office chair without the cushions that caused me to slide forward. I was concerned that it would not go high enough but the chair goes plenty high for my six foot height. My coworkers and bosses are impressed with the chair just as I am.- Happy Customer

    Brochure for VELA Tango 200 Chair

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