All-Terrain Walker - Trek 14er

Grips Size
Fabric Color

Type: Mobility

SPECIFICATIONS - Trionic Veloped Trek 14er

-  14" wheels with air-pressured tires
-  Fabric choices Navy/black/yellow and Green/black/orange
-  Medium frame, grip height 29.5"-37.5", for body height 5'1"-6'4"
-  In Large frame (also available, on request), grip height: 33"-41", for body height 6'1"-6'11"
-  Trionic dual climbing wheel
-  Diamond D249 tires with Innova tubes
-  ATB all-terrain brakes
-  Ergon GP1 grips with optional BioKork grip surface
-  Slide-forward 10" deep seat for maximum walking space
-  Basket with zip pocket and rain cover
-  20-litre backpack that fits into the basket
-  10-litre shoulder bag attached to the seat and folds forward to use the seat
-  All textile items made from sturdy and water-repellent 600D polyester, exchangeable through push buttons and velcro sections
-  Maximum user weight capacity: 330 lbs.
-  Warranty: 10 years excluding parts subject to normal wear


This is by far the best and most unique walker I've ever seen.  It looks like high-tech sports gear more than a walker, and it can handle all types of terrain very well.  My clients who have purchased this walker talk about how much fun it is to use, and how they can take it anywhere.

With standard walkers, it's difficult to participate in activities in the grass or the woods.  My clients who have this walker tell me it works great in the woods, at the beach, in flea markets, for festivals and even for hunting.  And it lets them do things they couldn't do with a standard walker such as; hunting for worms with the grandkids, taking care of animals, and going camping.

One of my clients told me,"I'm surprised at how proud I am of this walker.  People come up to me and want to look at and ask me where I got it.  This is just a really cool walker."


Big Wheels
A bigger wheel simply performs better than a small wheel. The 14" big wheels provide even better obstacle climbing capability over any rough surfaces than the 12" wheels. The unique, patented Trionic Climbing Wheel climbs over obstacles like curbs, rocks, and roots without having to lift the walker.

Foldable Frame
By pressing the buttons on the telescopic folding stay, you can fold the Veloped in two steps. When folded half-way, it still rolls when you push it and you can easily pass narrow doorways etc.

Upright Posture
When the seat is slid forward, the Veloped provides plenty of walking space within the frame. This means that you can walk closer to the grip handles, which automatically results in a more upright and ergonomically correct body posture. The U-shaped and ergonomic grip bar offers several grip positions, and while seated, it acts as a back support. The grip bar can be freely height-adjusted in order to suit your body height perfectly.

Air-Pressured Tires
The Veloped Trek is equipped with air-pressured tires that offer you a softer ride and unbeatable comfort. As they do not cause vibration like solid tires do, you are less prone to suffer pain and discomfort.

Ergon GP1 Grips and All-Terrain Brakes.
Thanks to the Trionic All-Terrain hub brake system you can always rely on an optimal brake performance, regardless if you are walking in sunshine, pouring rain or deep snow. The brakes are fully protected from dirt, water and snow. The all-aluminum brake lever offers you a solid and high quality feel. When activating the parking brake, the parking trigger is easy to operate, and it offers three different options to engage it.  The Ergon GP1 grips offer a very comfortable grip. They are ergonomic and distribute your weight evenly. The grips are angle-adjustable and come in sizes small and large.

Durable Seat, Basket, Backpack, and Bag
The 10" deep seat can be slid forward to provide greater leg space when walking. The roomy basket has a zippered pocket for smaller items, with an integrated rain cover. The backpack fits nicely into the basket, and with a full-length zip you have easy access to the main compartment. The seat bag snaps onto the seat and is easily folded forward when you want to sit down for a break. You can also use it as a shoulder bag.

Detachable Wheels, Easy to Transport
The Veloped wheels detach with push-button quick-release axles. You can quickly and easily detach the wheels in order to minimize the transport weight and the dimensions.

All-Terrain Design - Enjoy the Outdoors.
Thanks to its 3-wheeler design, the patented climbing wheel, and considerably bigger wheels, the Veloped is the only truly off-road capable walker/rollator in the world. When walking on uneven and rough ground, the Veloped beats any rollator, every time.

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