HMOTA-How to Bill Medicare for OT Home Mod Services On Demand Webinar


Type: Bathroom

Registration Information:

$100 for online webinar or live conference seminar, including setting up Medicare and NPI number.

50% discount for HMOTA members, contact HMOTA administrator for your code.

Additional webinar to sign up for NPI and Medicare numbers included in registration fees, link will be available on May 15th.

Course Objectives:
At the end of the course the participant will:

  • Understand the Medicare guidelines for medical necessity and how they apply to occupational therapists in home modifications,
  • Identify when a situation does not meet Medicare guidelines,
  • Be able to describe the requirements for reimbursement including referrals, documentation and billing coding.

Presenter Biography:
Sue Doyle, PhD OTR/L CFE CAPS, is an occupational therapist in private practice in Washington state. Sue has extensive experience as an OT in many areas of practice, academia and research. She will focus on her experience related to billing Medicare for home safety evaluations and patient training.


  • Why bill Medicare.
  • OT not exempt, we cannot opt-out of Medicare and we cannot ask for private pay for covered Medicare services-it is illegal.  
  • What are covered services.
  • How to use billing codes.   
  • Nuances of doctor’s order, what does that look like.    
  • Optometrist-how to get referrals and code for this specialty.
  • Plan of care certification.    
  • Documenting requirements.   
  • New evaluation codes-language changed.  
  • Occupational profile to be included and how to do that.    
  • Consistent format, here’s how to get G-codes, this is what it looks like.  
  • How to structure, what fits under the evaluation code.  Only $85 for eval code, time doesn’t matter.  How to structure time and billing for best reimbursement.   
  • Definition of what you’re doing.  
  • Claim form and billing.    
  • Discussion about electronic medical records, link to billing and HIPPA compliance.  Where to store information. 


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