Home Modification Occupational Therapy Alliance (HMOTA)

For the home evaluations we evaluate mobility skills, and discuss activities of daily living and your interests and activities.  Then we evaluate the house and identify barriers to comfort and safety and make short-term recommendations, things that should be done right away to make the home more comfortable and safe, immediate needs if you will.  We also make long-term recommendations, things that should be done to make the home liveable and safe if you ever require a wheelchair.  All the recommendations usually increase comfort in the home and people tend to feel such an increased level of comfort with the short-term recommendations they tend to give the long-term recommendations serious consideration.
This evaluation price includes basic accessible design for ramps, stairlifts and basic bathroom accessibility.  We can make recommendations for attendant care needs as well if needed.

We can also have a wide variety of fixtures we can recommend in a variety of styles so grab bars look more like pretty towel bars.  In some areas we have builders that can perform the modifications.

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