Ergonomic Lift Chair - Tango 100

Type: Mobility

The only office lift chair designed for active people for use at home or at the workplace. This office lift chair is available with a manual or electric height adjustment, see video below. 

This chair is for people who have difficulty with mobility but aren't ready to just watch TV.

This office lift chair is designed to be easily foot propelled so can take the place of a wheelchair or walker for people with basic strength and balance issues. The chair gives a high degree of stability, safety, and focus on ergonomics and quality.

The smart design makes it ideal for home and for school.  It can easily fit beneath a work surface and takes up very little space, while at the same time maximizing the space beneath the castors to allow for foot movement, for those wishing to move the chair unassisted.  Large ball bearing encased castors assist in this movement, ensuring that the chair can travel over small thresholds with minimal effort.

Activate the unique braking system to lock the castors.  Instantly the chair is safe to enter or exit, either forwards, or by lowering either or both arms to side transfer using the 90 degree rotation lock system.

With the unique CY bracket you can change and fix the angle of the backrest, and it allows the seat depth of the chair to be adjusted.  

The superior electric or manual height adjustment range on the chair varies from 16 in./40 cm seat height, for infant and junior classroom use, up to 32 in./81 cm, for use at science benches or to reach high shelves or kitchen cupboards.


  • Manual height adjustment, and swivel or non-swivel base
  • Arched steel frame ensures that all the wheels remain in contact with the floor, even on uneven surfaces
  • Height adjustment
  • Seat mechanism is fully mechanical
  • Both the Tango 100 and the Tango 200 chair have the same base and are suitable for users up to 350 lbs. 


    • Armrests
    • Footrests, including footplate
    • Neck support
    • Body support
    • Thigh supports
    • Abduction block
    • Safety belt
    • Table tray
    • Pushing bracket
    • Footring
    • Brake pedal
    • Strolling bracket

    Both the 100 and 200 have the above features.

    Tango 100:

    • Shorter seat back.
    • Rated 350 pounds.
    • Comes in fixed or swivel seat.  Swivel seat not recommended for people with balance issues.

    Tango 200:  click here for the Tango 200- Open box sale going on now.

    • Full seat back.
    • Rated 350 pounds.
    • Come in fixed or swivel seat.  Swivel seat not recommended for people with balance issues.

       Brochure for VELA Tango 100 Chair


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