Occupational Therapy Home Evaluation by HMOTA-P

Type: Mobility

Occupational Therapy Home Evaluation by the Home Modification Occupational Therapy Alliance

In honor of Fall being Fall Prevention Season, all evaluations are $100 off until November 8th!

The HMOTA occupational therapy home evaluation will assist you in making your home or your loved one's home safe and accessible.  

We will provide you with options at different price points so you can make educated decisions on how your home will work best for you.

How the assessment works:

  1. The interview:  We will call and discuss with you your situation, diagnosis (if you have one) and your expectations and goals.
  2. A HMOTA OT will come to your home or meet with you virtually to:
    1. Evaluate your functional mobility and how you perform activities of daily living. 
    2. Evaluate your home.
  3. A report will be developed with recommendations to make life easier based on your current level of function and future level of function based on medical knowledge of aging and debilitating conditions.  We provide 2 types of recommendations with every report.
    1. Short-term recommendations, which are recommendations that are usually low-cost options that make life easier immediately.  These usually include things like handrails, lighting, grab bars and adaptive equipment.
    2. Long-term recommendations, which are recommendations that include things that will increase independence and safety in the long run usually more permanent solutions such as redesigns or construction.

Reports include:

  • Construction specifications to give to builders.
    • Specific recommendations on placement of grab bars etc.
  • Basic ramp or bathroom redesigns.  Larger designs or complicated design projects have additional charges, which will be discussed with you ahead of time. For an extra $200.00.
  • Links for adaptive equipment.
  • Attendant care needs if requested.  We can give you an estimate of how much attendant care is recommended based on cognitive and physical needs.

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