Occupational Therapy Design Consultation by HMOTA

Type: Mobility

Occupational Therapy Design Consultation by the Home Modification Occupational Therapy Alliance

The HMOTA occupational therapy design consultation to ensure your home design or redesign is functional and will support your needs currently and in the future based on your physical and cognitive needs and your health status.

We will provide you with options at different price points so you can make educated decisions on how your home will work best for you.  We can guide you, answering questions along the way to decrease  your stress levels and your need to research. 

Common questions:

  • What's the best flooring?
  • Where should grab bars etc. be placed for effective use?
  • How can I set up my home to reduce the effects of arthritis?
  • How can I set up my home to increase safety without decreasing it's value or beauty?

How the assessment works:

  1. The interview:  We will call and discuss with you your situation, diagnosis (if you have one) and your expectations and goals.
  2. A HMOTA OT will come to your home or meet with you virtually to:
    1. Evaluate your functional mobility and how you perform activities of daily living. 
    2. Review your design.
  3. A report will be developed with recommendations based on your design and your needs.

Reports include:

  • Specific recommendations to increase the functional design of your space.
  • Specific recommendations for placement of accessible features such as grab bars, handrails, lighting etc.
  • Accessible fixtures and equipment at different price points to allow you to set-up your home exactly for you in the style you prefer.
    • Links for adaptive equipment.

    Design consultations include up to 4 hours of consultation time.  For larger projects or more in-depth assistance additional charges apply, you will be informed of this if your design time runs out.  Design hours are charged at $160.00 per hour.

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