Swivel Cushion

Type: Mobility

The Swivel Cushion makes hard and painful tasks like getting out of the car easy again. This seat cushion pivots 360°, making it easy to swing your legs and hips around, eliminating pain and stress on your body. The Auto Swivel Seat Cushion is extremely lightweight, making it easy to transport from vehicle to vehicle. The swivel cushion seat is universal to fit on any flat surface and adapts to any contoured bucket style seats. It works great for anyone with hip or back strain.


  • Universal and Flexible Fit - Works on flat surfaces and contoured bucket seats.
  • Comfortable - Soft, padded cushion that is perforated to allow air circulation, keeping you cool. 
  • Secure - Non-slip base keeps the cushion in place.
  • Rotating Disk - Seat cushion swivels to help pivot your legs when getting into and out of the car.  
  • Padded - Blue cushion made of cotton and nylon blend.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.

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