Ergonomic Hand Shower Holder

Chrome silver
Dark grey
Prune purple
Light green
Light blue
Ivory tan

Type: Bathroom

The Ergonomic Hand Shower Holder works with most industry standard hand shower sprayers and was designed to comply with ADA guidelines. Operation with one hand, and only 5 lbs. of force to press and slide, makes it easy for anyone to use.

The shower holder is intended to be placed on a grab bar to increase safety in the shower. It fits all standard 1 1/4" diameter grab bars sold here on Essential Luxuries. The sliding bars that are included with most hand-held shower heads are not grab bars and not intended for balance support. This can lead to a false sense of security when reaching out to prevent a fall in the shower.    

The shower holder is made of ABS and is available in 13 colors and chrome: Black, Grey, Ivory, Biscuit, White, Dark grey, Light blue, Light green, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, and Prune.


Information sheet for ergonomic hand shower holder is here.

Installation instructions for the ergonomic hand shower holder is here.


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