Swivel Helper Handicap Chair

Type: Mobility

  • The Revolution Swivel Helper Chair is the perfect solution for a user that has mobility issues.

  • This is a User and Home Mod OT favorite.

  • This chair is great for people with mobility issues, especially Parkinson's disease.  Falls often happen when transitioning directions, with this chair not only are there strong armrests but the user's direction of travel can be adjusted with the swivel so no standing up and turning away from the table.  The user can swivel away from the table then walk safely in a straight line to their next destination.

  • Makes caregiver's lives easier too, no more guiding people through turns.
  • This industry leading product features an integrated swivel mechanism that allows for quick and comfortable pivoting of a user for showering or daily use anywhere in the home or yard.

  • Users can safely and conveniently access the Revolution by raising the pivoting armrest or sit directly into the seat.The user can then swivel themselves to a comfortable position to assist with mobility.

    • Designed with height adjustable legs and narrow base, the Revolution can integrate into almost any shower setting including a standard tub.
    • With suction base grips and all aluminum construction, the Revolution is a sturdy, cost effective, comfortable companion for client or resident showering.
    • The Revolution Swivel Helper Chair is a professional grade product that is used daily in hospitals and nursing homes worldwide by professional caregivers and their patients.

    Home care clients regularly praise the Revolution as one of their best investments in home and bathroom safety and convenience, a testament to the design, quality and functionality of this best-in-class product.

    Overall height: 31" at lowest 3" at highest 
    Overall width: 18" at lowest 19" at highest 
    Overall depth of frame: 18" at lowest 19" at highest
    Distance from floor to seat: 18" at lowest 22" at highest.
    Distance from floor to top of armrests: 23" at lowest 27" at highest
    Seat depth: 16"
    Seat width (between armrests): 20"
    Backrest height: 20.5".
    Backrest width: 14".
    Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.


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